Why Quit Now? By Jeff Gau, Marco

By Jeff Gau, Marco CEO – After I turned 60 this year, I was often asked, “When are you going to retire?” My response is: “Why would I quit now?”

But it made me wonder why some people are so ready and why others like me cannot imagine quitting, even if they could. Here are a few attributes of those who want to stay in the game (and are welcomed players):

  • Achiever who is achieving
    We continue to achieve high marks at Marco and that keeps me motivated. To me, it’s fun to lead a high-performing growth company, build careers and positively impact so many people.
  • Surrounded by good leaders
    I get to sit alongside some of the best leaders that I know – every day. Surrounding yourself with competent people is the best way that I know to stay sharp.
  • Embraces complexity
    Yes, not just change. The company I joined in 1984 is very different today. It’s not limited to the products and services that Marco sold back then, but the complexity of the systems and processes to support what we sell today.

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