2019 ecoprintQ Southeast Regional Bootcamp

During the last few days of February, our ecoprintQ Headquarters in Miami Lakes, Florida held its very first Southeast Regional Bootcamp. During this bootcamp we had 20 customers come in for PaperCut Training and Umango Training. Providing breakfast and lunch, it was great seeing our customers come in and get hands on training.

It was awesome seeing our local and out of state customers come down to spend a few days with us. Day 1 began with introductions, a good breakfast, and then training. Prior to the first day of training, there was a welcome reception at the Miami Lakes Hotel and Golf, where those who weren’t local stayed.

The first day of our bootcamp training was all about PaperCut, lead by one of our support techs, Dan Martinez. Channel Manager Charles Bernard and Senior Major Account Manager Kyle Hart also joined.

Featuring breaks, quizzes, a delicious Cuban lunch, and many laughs, Day 1 of our bootcamp was a success. If you would like to see pictures of our training, you can check them out on our Facebook page here.

Day 2, the last day of bootcamp, brought in Umango CEO Quentin Gribble to train those who have Umango. Our guests were split into two groups. Those who did not have Umango, stayed with Dan Martinez for PaperCut training day 2.

As an authorized solution center, we love getting to visit customers from all over and train them/expand their knowledge on wonderful software programs like Umango and PaperCut. We look forward to having more boot camps across the US for our other regional channel managers.

Call us at 800-236-8499 or email us at sales@ecoprintq.comto learn more about how PaperCut or Umango can help you, or to learn more about what we do.

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