Drowning in Paper? It’s Time to Streamline Document Management in the Legal Profession Konica Minolta BLOG

Elizabeth ColomboKonica Minolta – The evolution of document management is astounding.  When I was growing up, I handwrote my homework until I had access to a typewriter at my mother’s real estate office. What a treat to type  my reports for school!  They looked so professional. What could beat that?! Enter home computers. My father’s and grandparents’ computers were the holy grail of my homework experience. I no longer had to use white-out to correct my mistakes or start over entirely. Plus, I could save  my work inside  of a computer?! Amazing!

Cut to my law school experience where I could actually take notes on a laptop in class. I admit that I resisted this at first. I was in the minority of law students during my 1L year who handwrote her notes until I realized how much faster I could type them, and how much easier it would be to later edit them and turn them into an outline. Additionally, over the years, “snail mail” was largely superseded by faxing, then emailing, as means to deliver documents.

While the methods have changed and advanced over time, document management is a core necessity of any attorney’s practice. What are some of the document management challenges attorneys face? (See: How to Choose The Right Legal Document Management Solution).

Here are my top four:

Record Retention

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