Does the President’s Office Secure its Print Infrastructure?

How many of your customers understand the importance, as well as the benefits, of implementing a pull print or FollowMe® solution as part of their overall IT security strategy? Government agencies and medium to large agencies that handle and process large amounts of sensitive data would be expected to have stringent security measures in place for all of their processes, including printing. However, this does not always appear to be the case. For example, according to a recent security report, only 40% of organizations are using pull printing meaning 60% could have a major data breach vulnerability and a potential non-compliance issue on their hands.

As an example, the White House, which is one of the most secure buildings in the world with staff handling the highest level of classified data, appears to not have secure printing facilities in place. According to an excerpt from the soon to be released book, Kushner Inc by Vicky Ward: an aide to Gary Cohn, who had an office on the second floor of the West Wing, noticed a document on his printer not intended for him. It appeared to be a letter from Trump, firing James Comey!

If the White House with all its physical and cyber security resources can inadvertently forget the vulnerability of its internal print environment, how many other organizations have similarly overlooked this issue?

As a print solution service provider, it is fundamental to understand each customer’s unique office set up so you can begin to provide valuable advice on how to address potential print security vulnerabilities.

To start, introduce them to FollowMe by Ringdale, the print solution which has been recognised by Buyers Lab as an outstanding data loss prevention solution. This solution enables organizations to proactively control, block and even watermark sensitive printed content within their classified documents.

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