4 Ways to Ensure You Are Adding Value as a Software Reseller

By Chelsea Bawab – Digital transformation is the buzzword in the document management sphere these days, and it’s easy to see why. Companies are digitalizing their processes at a rapid pace, in order to remain competitive in their industries, keep up with the needs of customers and improve their balance sheets. More than ever, companies need the help of value-added resellers to help create digital solutions that meet their needs. But what sets a software reseller apart? How can you really ensure you are adding value for your customers?

Here are 4 ways for resellers to ensure they are adding value for the organizations they serve:

  1. Make sure you thoroughly understand the problem before suggesting a solution.Your customer wants to see results quickly; you want to close the deal and deliver value to your customer. While that’s all well and good, jumping in headfirst can cause both you and your customer to miss the mark. No matter how cutting-edge your technological tools are, if you are not first listening to the problem and assessing the needs based on that information, you will simply be adding to the noise. Before suggesting any solutions, make sure you have a clear understanding of the challenges facing the organization. Then create a solution to directly solve those specific problems.

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