7 Essential Document Management Best Practices

By Mary Williams, DocuWare – When you’re thinking about how to implement digital document management for your organization — or how to enhance your existing system — focusing on the right aspects results in a more effective, successful solution. But where do you start?

How To Apply Best Practices In Your Business

  1. Set goals and key metrics for document management:Many companies decide to implement a document management system, but don’t take the time to set goals for what they want to achieve and determine how to measure their progress. Document management systems have lots of business applications, so it’s important to be specific. Are you trying to help users find documents more quickly? Save on document storage costs? Improve collaboration? Before you implement your document management solution, you also need to specify the metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that will measure progress toward those goals, and set a baseline with your existing system. For example, perhaps it takes 10 minutes to process an invoice with your existing system, but only two minutes after using the new system for three months. Sharing these measurable successes within the organization is a great way to encourage adoption as you move forward.

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