Save Time with Intelligent Indexing: Users Confirm Increased Efficiency

Entering indexing data manually is slow and open to errors. All the better then if indexing is tackled automatically. Intelligent Indexing makes storage faster and more efficient. DocuWare customers from a variety of industries report on their experiences…

New York Quality Services for Autism Provider QSAC (a nonprofit) receives most of its invoices electronically. DocuWare works in the background to monitor the accounts payable email, extract invoices and bring them into DocuWare.

Documents are indexed using DocuWare’s Intelligent Indexing Service, which automatically searches within each document for relevant index terms, such as vendor name, date, amount and etc. The accounting staff confirms the suggested information or improves it by clicking on the information to be indexed.

“Once all of our records were in DocuWare we never accessed our old system again. DocuWare is so much easier for the staff to use,” says Lou Costa, IT Director QSAC.

DocuWare helps customer increase billing capacity $210k per day