Million-page MFP: Lexmark flagship color device excels in independent testing

By Lisa Doctrow – At Lexmark, the reliability of our printers and MFPs has always been top of mind. So much so, we decided to seek an independent test of the champion of our color line — the Lexmark CX860 Series workgroup MFP. The results? “Virtually flawless performance throughout the test,” according to the world’s leading independent document-imaging test lab, Buyers Laboratory (BLI).

Buoyed by confidence in our award-winning color line launched in January 2016, the Lexmark product marketing team commissioned BLI to conduct a demanding 1-million-page test of the Lexmark CX860dte and multi-position staple hole punch finisher.

In its report, BLI said the CX860 performed “better than that of most competitive devices tested to date by BLI.”

“There is a stereotype in our industry that A3 devices (which handle tabloid-size paper) have the most reliable engines, which is why they experience larger print volumes per placement,” said Lance Lucas, manager, hardware product marketing. “Our new A4 (letter and legal-size) devices are just as reliable and the million-page test has proven our point. The Lexmark 800 Series Color Printers and MFPs have broken the stereotypical barriers and are worthy of higher-usage environments.”

The Extended Reliability Performance Test performed by BLI represents about two years of real-world usage (based on recommended monthly print volume of 50,000 pages) in just 46 days. In actuality, the test likely simulates several years of volume since many environments don’t consistently print to the upper limit of the recommendation.

The results were impressive:

– Engine misfeed rate: 1 in 250,000 (first occurrence wasn’t until 535,000 impressions)
– Scanner misfeeds: 0 in 100,000
– Zero service interactions

BLI said based on average monthly print volumes, “this would mean users would only experience a misfeed every five months or so.”

“Frankly, no one in R&D who worked on the products was surprised by these results,” said Rob Naylor, new project management in color products. “This machine is one of the largest development efforts Lexmark has ever had, from firmware to hardware. It’s the flagship of our color line, and we are so proud to have worked on a device that performs at the level it does. The BLI results validate what we expected — the CX860 truly rises above the competition.”

In fact, all of our new color devices have been commended for reliability. BLI recently named Lexmark the winner of the 2017 Color Printer/MFP Line of the Year award.

“Lexmark’s devices gave a superb performance across its entire color line,” said Marlene Orr, BLI Director of Office Equipment Product Analysis. “From small workgroups to large enterprise environments, Lexmark’s impressive portfolio of color printers and MFPs has you covered. Lexmark can be counted on for highly reliable color devices that offer intuitive operation, impressive image quality and productivity, support for a wide array of mobile print methods and integration with workflow software that enhances security, simplifies business processes and lowers costs.”

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