BLI gives ColorPainter 5/5 Stars for its Stability and Precision in Multi-Panel Consistency

“The OKI ColorPainter M-64s was by far the fastest performer in BLI’s recent field test,” said Joe Tischner, Wide Format & Cut Sheet Production Analyst for Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab.

“In fact, the unit’s most productive print quality setting, draft, produced above average sharpness, high contrast, and very good details on the majority of our IQ targets. For the gain in print speed the M-64s offers over the competition, shops surely won’t experience a loss in quality. And adding to the system’s overall productivity and stellar usability, the ColorPainter M-64s features larger than aver- age 1,500-ml. ink cartridges that conveniently can be replaced on-the-fly, a rare capability among devices in this class. The unit also includes a standard media jack for easier roll loading, as well as a take-up reel system that, combined with the high-capacity cartridges, will contribute to more uptime than most of the competition.”

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OKI’s ColorPainter M-64s Traffic Printer at ATSSA Traffic Expo