Is GDPR Y2K All Over Again PaperCut CEO Chris Dance Compares the 2 and Offers 5 Tips for Making GDPR a Positive Workplace Experience

Almost 20 years ago, the IT industry was turned upside down with fear and hysteria.

Y2K brought mass chaos that gripped not just IT professionals, but business as a whole. Or as the media proclaimed, “the world as we know it!”. It was a boon for IT spending, and a windfall for consultants and IT vendors peddling “solutions” spiced up with a dash of impending doom.

The pending implementation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has driven a similar rush. So … is GDPR the new Y2K?

Y2K vs. GDPR

GDPR is a broad-sweeping data protection regulation that will affect all organizations that do business with EU residents regardless of where those organizations are based. It regulates how companies collect, manage, use and delete user-identifiable data.

So, does GDPR look like Y2K all over again? In many respects it does:

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