Stack the Odds…Cement Customer Loyalty XEROX Article

By Beta Ni, Xerox – Like a lot of people, I’m very health-conscious and follow the advice of experts on exercise, diet, and nutritional supplements. Of course, there aren’t any guarantees, but I believe doing so greatly increases the odds of living a healthy and happy life. Many things in life come down to odds, and whenever possible, I prefer to stack them in my favor. While it’s true that life is a gamble, there are some risks that just aren’t worth taking.

In my business role, too often I see reseller partners unknowingly invite problems into their business when they “gamble” on selling bargain-brand toner cartridges to their customers rather than promoting those from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Of course, all aftermarket supplies manufacturers claim that as good as—or even better than—the originals, including print page yield, image quality, and reliability, and many offer a warranty—some even a lifetime warranty?

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