Respected Dealership Invests in Workflow Automation Software

Reform VDP and TagDoc are both components of the Reform Business Platform, and can be found pre-installed within FabSoft’s newest automation product, Reform Link. In the following case study, learn how both of these technologies improved the day-to-day document processes of this customer in terms of speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

It’s rare to find and implement a business solution that is cost-effective, flexible enough to deploy within any IT infrastructure, and continues to provide value to an operation long after its initial installation. FabSoft was able to deliver such a solution, and resolve Wichita Kenworth’s document processing issues.

A regional business that has withstood the test of time.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.00.14 PMWichita Kenworth is a well-respected truck dealership, located in southeastern Kansas. Having been in business for over 40 years, they have earned the trust of customers in the region through their high quality customer service and a commitment to selling high-grade trucks and parts. They have been a regional staple in the trucking industry for a long time, and many trucking companies understand their investment in a Kenworth product is a secure one. After all, when important cargo needs to reach its destination within a specific timeframe, a dependable truck is crucial towards the successful delivery of a shipment.

Given their reputation, Wichita Kenworth receives a high influx of business year round, which has led to a gradual increase in their document processing volume over the years. About a decade ago, the accounting department averaged a couple hundred invoices per day, and now they average over a thousand invoices per day. They needed a software solution that could handle this processing load quickly and accurately, and keep it from stacking up.

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Accelerated dual-processing of small and large print jobs.

There is a significant difference between a routine print job composed of a couple pages versus an extensive, quarterly report. Wichita Kenworth’s accounting department kept encountering speed issues with their data processing and it was directly related to the types of documents being processed as well as their general IT set-up. For instance, if a large print job was being processed first, a smaller print job would not be processed until the larger print request had been completed. This dynamic can be compared to a one-way road— if the vehicle ahead of you is driving at a slow pace, it will then affect the driving speed of those vehicles behind it. The multi-thread processing feature within Reform V15 could now systematically process print jobs of different sizes at the same time. In other words, similar to the analogy used above, what used to be a single lane is now a multi-lane highway in terms of document processing. Now, Wichita Kenworth can process their print jobs, both small and large, considerably faster than before.

A complete end-to-end workflow solution.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.00.30 PMAside from Reform’s new multi-thread feature, this client needed a streamlined way to execute their workflows from start to finish. They required a smoother way in which to digitize and deliver documents electronically. In terms of output, they were printing some accounting forms with an antiquated, dot matrix line printer. Even before these forms were printed, they had to be reviewed and filled-in manually with the appropriate data from a desktop computer. By merging both our Reform VDP and TagDoc solutions, we were able to create a near-paperless environment, accelerating each of these processing phases. With Tag Doc, transactional forms are tagged with a barcode, printed, and when ready, are then scanned back into a network-connected copier. At this point, these barcoded forms are immediately captured and delivered to their final destination, fully indexed. When a specific type of form required printing, Reform VDP stepped in, took the print job in document format, and merged it with corresponding information—completely bypassing manual data entry. Given this degree of automation, the accounting department could now keep up with the high volume of processing requests without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

Greater expenses were prevented.

Wichita Kenworth saved operational costs on several fronts. Their biggest savings came from no longer having to seek out an expensive ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, since FabSoft’s Reform VDP and Tag Doc workflow solution could accomplish the same processing objectives as an ERP system, at a fraction of the cost. In addition, installing such large-scale business software could have resulted in extensive implementation problems and IT training, which are both common and expensive byproducts of new enterprise software.

Moreover, Wichita Kenworth managed to swap out their old line printers for more cost-effective, modern multi-function printers. With this hardware change and the installation of Reform VDP and TagDoc, they now pay less than a penny per sheet compared to .75 cents per sheet with their old set-up. Last but not least, by injecting this solution into their business, Wichita Kenworth no longer has to hire more personnel to support their document processing needs.

Ultimately, as companies evolve, and grow out of their current IT systems and document processing habits, it is often difficult to find effective workflow software that is versatile and reasonably priced.

In this particular success story, Reform VDP and Tag Doc combined to create the ideal solution for a client with significant processing delays, without uprooting or negatively affecting their existing technologies.

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