Troy Turner Wins Renn Zaphiropoulos Award

Coronado, California—Feb 25, 2017– Troy Turner, President of Commonwealth Technology, was awarded as the Renn Zaphiropoulos Entrepreneur of the Year.

“Troy exemplifies the ideal Visual Edge Technology partner,” said CEO Austin Vanchieri. “He embraces our strategy and was a team player from the beginning. With extraordinary vision and integrity, Troy has led his team to ‘Top Producer’ status in 2016 while maintaining the core values of Commonwealth Technology. The qualities Troy brings to our organization are what we look for in all of our VET partners. ”

The award is named after Renn Zaphiropoulos who was a Visual Edge board member and mentor to all who knew him. He wrote, “Success requires active and effective leadership. We have to be managed by people who are not afraid to make the tough decisions which eventually lead to the development of an effective team.”