Why Mobile Responsiveness isn’t Just a Trend – It’s a Necessity

Why Mobile Responsiveness isn’t Just a Trend – It’s a Necessity

by All Covered Application Development Experts on March 17, 2017 in Application Development, Featured

“I only browse the Internet on my desktop” went the way of the dial-up connection back in 2014; a report released by ComScore that year revealed that mobile apps accounted for 52 percent of average time spent by users consuming digital media, outdoing the desktop for the very first time.

And you can only expect the trend to get more pronounced as millennials edge out the Gen-Xs and Ys: about a fifth of twenty-somethings now use their smartphones and tablets exclusively to view online content… and the number won’t stop growing.

“That’s not to say the desktop isn’t important anymore…. a multi-platform strategy is critical,” explains Greg Sterling, contributing editor at Search Engine Land, who notes that PCs still remain the default for most e-commerce transactions. “However, many marketers and brands still treat the desktop as the primary area of focus, which is way out of alignment with consumer behavior.”

Optimal Experience on All Devices

Is your site consistent with the presently developing multiplatform state of the art? Do you have a site that responsively displays a mobile-friendly layout when viewed on a smartphone or tablet – following the principle known as responsive web design – or is your web content stuck in the desktop age?

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