The Future of In-Plants

The latest State of the Industry report written by Andy Paparozzi, the Chief Economist at IdeaAlliance, was recently published. In his presentation at a recent conference, Andy spoke of the decline in overall work from a high of $98.3B in 2007 to a low of $77B in 2011. Since then however, sales have increase for five consecutive years and is currently estimated at $82.5 B.

In the latest market research from the PRIMIR 2016 study entitled, “Digital Printing Technology’s Influence on the U.S. In-Plant Printing Market” there are slightly less than 20,000 in-plant printing sites in the U.S. with 75% of these graphic arts-oriented, and the remainder devoted to transactional printing. This study was a collaborative effort between IDC and the company that I work for,  Integrated Methods Group, or IMG.

The number one factor driving growth according to 76% of respondents was in color digital printing and the number one factor driving declines was, “lower volume due to electronic media, internet or mobile,” reported by 64% of respondents.

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