How to Tell if a Document Management System is Future-Ready

By Joan Honig, DocuWare – No one can predict the direction technology advances will take over the next five, ten or twenty years. A dedication to staying current and using the most advanced proven technology is the best way to cultivate a forward-thinking mind-set and be future-ready.

If you’re in the process of choosing a document management system (DMS) for your business, or are looking to upgrade, it’s important to select a solution that solves your business issues for both today and the future.

This list outlines what you should look for in scalable DMS.

The features of a future-ready document management system 

  1. Modern web-based and mobile interfaces: A document management system should perform equally well on a Mac or Windows OS, as well as on the variety of mobile devices your employees rely upon. The growth of ‘bring your own device’ initiatives makes this even more important. Your employees should be able to navigate seamlessly among their work laptop, mobile phone, and tablet without missing a beat. Choosing a document management system that only accommodates one platform dramatically limits your choices of hardware and your employees’ productivity.

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