Limestone College Streamlines Student Paper Processing with…

As a smaller college, Limestone is constantly looking to leverage technology to streamline its business processes without needing to add additional staff, and to provide top-tier services to their students and faculty. One of the key bottlenecks was in the area of student records processing and the paper problem it created.

“The scanning project was initiated due to the sheer volume of paper records we were storing,” said Adam Long, Associate Vice-President for Information Technology.

“We were taking up more and more space, and there were concerns about the weight of the records in our older administrative buildings.”

In this first stage, the college outsourced the scanning to a third party, and the online records were immediately a hit with administrative staff. For the second phase of the project, the IT team was tasked with finding a simple, effective solution for day-forward scanning and management of student, housing and bursar records.

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