Support and Facilitate Secure Mobile Printing

Many organizations foresee transforming the physical workplace as a key way to increase productivity. In fact, a recent report has confirmed that 82% of CEO’s have firm plans to invest in their physical workplace environment, but will this really make a difference? According to recent research, there appears to be a misalignment between employees and executives. Only 34% of employees view their physical environment as important for improving productivity, compared with 69% of executives. In truth, employees believe providing the right business hardware, and appropriate technology that assists in their daily business activities, will result in the most positive outcome.

In addition, 78% of employee’s agree there is a huge opportunity to improve productivity by prioritising investment in solutions to support and facilitate secure mobile working. Surprisingly, only 44% of executives ranked this in the same way.

Around 60% of the active workforce is now considered mobile and this is predicted to grow. On this basis it is important that organizations review their IT environment to ensure they have the capabilities to effectively support the needs of mobile employees. With 91% of organizations citing document printing as important to their daily business processes, this should not be overlooked both in terms of productivity, data security and compliance.

FollowMe® by Ringdale® works seamlessly with all the major print and MFP vendors providing best in class mobile print support, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capability, as well as comprehensive reporting and tracking.

If you would like to find out more about FollowMe, download the full independent assessment conducted by Buyers Lab (BLI). This provides a thorough evaluation into the complete FollowMe solution.

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