IDC Warns 71% of Organizations Are at Risk

Latest market research reveals that *71% of IT professionals have not considered print as part of their General Data Protection Regulation strategy (GDPR), leaving most organizations exposed to considerable penalties for non-compliance as May 25th approaches.

With substantial fines of 4% turnover or €20million for non compliance with the GDPR (whichever is the greater amount) organizations are looking to vendors for solutions to secure their print network and enable compliance.

IDC suggests that companies need to find solutions that:

  1. Provide access management for user authentication/authorization to print, copy, and send information electronically from printers and multifunctional products (MFPs)
  2. Protect documents at rest and while in motion through network communications, by using industry-standard data encryption
  3. Forensically inspect and protect content including personally identifiable information (PII) — for example, identify credit card and bank routing numbers, national identification and account numbers
  4. Provide accurate activity tracking for ongoing audits such as data protection impact assessments (DPIAs)
  5. Provide comprehensive reporting while leveraging data anonymization to maintain user privacy

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