The High Cost of Bargain Brand Toner Cartridges

Low-cost bargain brand toner cartridges might seem to be a great deal. But testing conducted by independent research laboratory BLI—Buyers Laboratory Incorporated—shows that third-party low-cost toner cartridges can be much more expensive than the originals. This is due to extremely high failure rates.

Often the cartridge fails right out of the box due to toner leakage. Also common is the printer not recognizing the cartridge when initially installed. Other frequent, though much more costly failures, occur with the toner leaks into the printer during operation and causes contamination of critical components resulting in poor image quality, or worse yet, expensive service repairs.

Reviewing Xerox Toner Cartridges in comparison with the bargain brands, BLI found that Xerox cartridges outperformed the lower-cost alternatives in every category, with significantly better page yield, better image quality, and better reliability.

The Xerox toner cartridges cost far less when taking into account the damage caused by the tested third-party toner cartridges. Xerox toner cartridges: the low-cost, high-quality option.