Online Mind Control: How Website Design Can Bring Sales Up (or Down)

You put your best foot forward when you’re trying to close a lead in person; funny how rarely that insight translates online.

2016’s J.D. Power Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study makes a direct connection between bad website design and poor sales. 59 percent of new-vehicle shoppers consider themselves more likely to take a test-drive if they’re delighted with the user experience.

The flip-side: make user navigation too complicated, and satisfaction takes a nosedive. (So much the worse for Toyota, Mitsubishi and Ford – the owners of the three “worst” websites according to the study.)

Psychology and good web design: they go hand-in-hand. Good design and usability decisions encourage website visitors to stay longer, read more about the site’s products and services, and come back for future visits. Not to mention act on the website’s call to action in the real world. (As above: good auto website design=visiting a local dealer for a test drive.)

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