Lexmark joins European Remanufacturing Council to further strengthen commitment to circular economy

Lexmark has joined the European Remanufacturing Council (CER) as a founding member, further reaffirming our long-standing support for the circular economy.

Launched with the objective of becoming the focal point for remanufacturing policy dialogue and benchmarking in Europe and beyond, the CER works with leading remanufacturers in Europe to raise policy-maker awareness and encourage sustainability and remanufacturing initiatives, while helping to grow businesses and create new jobs.

“The CER is an organization at the heart of remanufacturing in Europe,” said David Fitzsimons, founding director of the CER. “Our aim is simple — we want to raise policymaker awareness and understanding of the remanufacturing sector and the circular economy in Europe. With global organizations such as Lexmark supporting us, our job becomes much easier.”

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