Muratec Helps Hospital Eliminate Analog Fax Lines

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Cannon Memorial Hospital in Pickens, SC, is the result of a country doctor’s dream to bring medical care to the people of Pickens County. Beginning more than 50 years ago as a three-room clinic, Cannon Memorial Hospital today is a modern, high-tech facility where patients not only receive the best medical care, but also the individual care, attention, and genuine concern that is so often overlooked in today’s healthcare arena.

In an effort to reduce paper consumption and improve the image quality of faxes transmitted between departments, the hospital explored various communication solutions available on their current fleet of devices, which included Sharp and Muratec MFP’s.  After an evaluation period hospital staff confirmed that the Muratec MFX-2570 devices throughout the hospital could communicate directly using a direct SMTP transmission protocol.  This direct communication solution offered several benefits including the elimination of analog fax lines (cost savings), improved document output quality at the receiving device (improved records and accuracy),   and it eliminated the need to utilize the e-mail server for communication (reducing bandwidth usage).  As for enabling communications between the Sharp and Muratec devices the hospitals found a creative workaround.

“What’s cool is that the Muratec machines have the ability to check an e-mail address every x number of minutes (we use 3) and then print any attachments,” said Rob Siegel, Network Administrator, Cannon Memorial Hospital. “This is the feature we use to send from the Sharps to the Muratecs to avoid needing to use a fax line.”

Another benefit Cannon Hospital found with the Muratec MFX-2570 devices is that they could easily handle up to 7,500 prints per month, and with added Postscript printing capabilities, were able to print from all of their applications.  This enabled the hospital to reduce their printer fleet by eliminating stand alone printers that were located within the same workstation as the MFX-2570, thus creating additional workspace for staff as well as reducing their document production costs.  The toner yield, which is rated at 16,000 impressions, offered an additional benefit by reducing the amount of time staff was required to maintain the device.

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