RSUPPORT Globally Expands with ‘Samsung Smart UX’ Multi-function Printers Pre-installed with Its Remote Support Solutions

SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)–RSUPPORT ( (KOSDAQ:131370), a remote support and control solution provider as global cloud service, is seeking to increase the supply of RemoteCall and RemoteView, which are remote support solution for Multi-function Printers (MFPs), in collaboration with Samsung Electronics sales organization.

At the National Dealer Meeting for its North America-based dealers on 28 March, Samsung Electronics America demonstrated RemoteCall and RemoteView, remote control applications for Smart UX Center MFPs, in an effort to expand Smart UX ecosystem. Preinstalling the remote support and control tools was evaluated by North American dealers of Samsung Electronics America as highly competitive in light of geographical mobility limitations in the North American continent.

Samsung Smart UX MFPs pre-installed with RSUPPORT’s RemoteCall and RemoteView have been already released in 46 countries.

Samsung Electronics has developed an operation system for the industry’s first Android-powered MFPs since 2015, and built Smart UX Center, a platform to improve the Smart UX ecosystem.

RSUPPORT has developed RemoteCall and RemoteView to be pre-installed in Samsung Smart UX Center MFPs to provide remote technical support without visiting customers.

“Smart UX Center is leading the technological trend in the global MFP market through the update of the app ecosystem for the world’s first Android-based MFPs. Competitors are benchmarking Smart UX,” said Matt Smith, Vice President, Printing Solutions, Samsung Electronics America. “We will work for the development of applications such as RemoteCall and RemoteView, which are highly evaluated remote support tools, to maximize the advantages of Smart UX.”

“Marketing Samsung Electronics MFPs pre-installed with RSUPPORT’s remote control technology is a good example of cooperation between large and small companies,” said HyungSu Seo, President of RSUPPORT. “Using the demonstration as a springboard toward a worldwide showcase of our outstanding remote control technology, I will do my best to develop a solid business model for RemoteCall and RemoteView.”

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