Protect Business with a Comprehensive Data Backup Plan

By Phil Robson, DocuWare – Many years ago, in what now seems like another lifetime, I was given the task of upgrading a customer’s software. A simple enough job. Go on-site. Perform the upgrade. A couple of hours, and I’ll be back in the office for lunch.

I arrived on site by 8:00 a.m. and the first step was to perform a backup of the database and software. Completing the backup and verifying the tape was accomplished in about 45 minutes or so. Now all I needed to do was to remove the existing installation, install the new version of the database and then restore the customer data.

Because it was a Unix system, I promoted myself to super user and proceeded to execute the command to remove the software directory. I issued a simple command that involved removing all files and folders from the current directory, and I added a modifier to not stop and ask for confirmation as the command ran.

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