Boomerang Employees: Keep the Door Open, from Jeff Gau, Marco

By Jeff Gau, Marco CEO – Workers in my generation started with a company and often retired there 30 or 40 years later. That’s rare today. Even the most committed employees can be enticed by a new opportunity.

Something that we are seeing more of is what is called the “boomerang effect.” It’s where people leave the organization and then return – within a few months or even years.

Sometimes it’s because as we grow, we create new opportunities for people. Many times, it’s because they realized the grass is not greener – and we intentionally kept the door open.

When good employees decide to leave and I know that they’ve made up their minds, I am deliberate in telling them that they are welcome back. I encourage them not to be “too proud” to call us – even call me – if they want to return to our company.

Imagine how Apple would have turned out if the company did not rehire Steve Jobs.

See the advantages.


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