3 Months Until the Enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act

The CCPA (the California Consumer Privacy Act) came into effect on January 1, 2020, but will not be enforceable by the Attorney General until July 1 2020, which gives organizations just three months to finalise preparations. In light of the global pandemic, Industry Leaders and Associations have submitted a letter to the Attorney General, requesting to delay the enforcement.

This extension has since been opposed, citing the pandemic as the very reason why enforcement is necessary to protect the privacy of consumers, who are now more than ever reliant on online communications. The Attorney General’s office reminds businesses to be particularly mindful of data security in this time of emergency.

With the upcoming enforcement looming, it is imperative that even in this state of lockdown, for organizations, who handle or store data on Californian Citizens, to ensure they are compliant with this imminent regulation.

Understandably though, rather than preparing for the enforcement of CCPA, many organizations have instead been focussing their attention on enabling remote working practices, to ensure business can continue as normal. As a result, this has caused a number of companies and individuals to fall prey to cyber security criminals, due to not putting the necessary security measures in place.

With organizations identifying cyber and data security as key concerns, but in many cases not having the necessary in-house knowledge and skills to manage these requirements, service partners will be called upon to give direction to organizations ahead of the enforcement of CCPA.

When researching how to help your customers prepare for CCPA, download this case study which explains how a National Defence Agency protected large volumes of highly sensitive data and achieved regulatory compliance.

SOURCE Ringdale

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