Q&A With Karsten Huster, President, NT-ware

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By Patricia Ames – NT-ware is a German software company in which Canon, in 2006, acquired a majority stake. NT-ware is the creator of uniFLOW, a software platform for print, scan and device management. At the recent analyst event at Canon headquarters in Melville, New York, Mason Olds, senior VP and general manager of Sales, Business Imaging Solutions division, mentioned in his presentation that Canon’s solutions business grew 18 percent and this growth was primarily driven by sales of the uniFLOW product. We were impressed by these numbers and wanted to explore in more detail how Canon is accomplishing this, so we sat down during the event with Karsten Huster, president of NT-ware, to get the scoop.

Where are you seeing the most growth for your product?

At the moment, I would really say that it is in the Americas. We’re not just looking at revenue — revenue is one figure, but we’re looking at something called the attachment rate. We’re analyzing how many Canon devices, for example, are being shipped with or without uniFLOW. In some regions we have 80 percent of the devices sold with uniFLOW. In those areas, you clearly can’t grow endlessly. The Americas are very interesting for us because even though we have experienced a lot of growth, the attachment rate is still a third of what we have in Europe. We can easily say we can double or triple the business in the U.S.

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