Dealer Saves $22k in 3 months using this

Polek & Polek

(name withheld to protect the innocent)

They had been in business for many years, and the only experience in their world was using OEM toner. Profit margins were shrinking, and financial stress was growing. They saw they would need to increase revenue by nearly $1,000,000 to keep their head above water, without having to cut more staff and overhead.

Free Ricoh Color Toner

One day they received a packet in the mail from a company offering free toner as good as or better than the OEM. They took them up on the offer. Once they saw the free toner samples worked as good or better than the OEM, they changed their purchases to this company…Polek & Polek.


Three months later, they had saved $22,000 versus purchasing from the OEM. That is $88,000 of added profit per year; this is equivalent to adding $1,000,000 in revenue without spending an extra dime!

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Blast From The Past – Polek & Polek!