Five Tech Trends to Better Engage your Customers

By Julian Patel – Coffee-powered cars, using your brainwaves as a password, and robots with personalities you can choose … it’s always fun to look into the future. But which tech trends can you genuinely use today to engage with your customers? Let’s take a look.

It’s easy to get cynical about tech trends. After all, a host of companies claim to offer the next big thing. Remember Internet currencies, the paperless office or that goofy iSmell USB device that emitted a variety of odors when you visited different web sites?

The trouble is we can all be so engrossed in our daily work that we don’t see some of the really big shifts in behavior and innovation. It’s easy for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to miss the boat —as bigger competitors capture the imaginations of customers by saving them time and money.

Trend #1: Mobile working

It’s been around for years, but the mobile working opportunity is getting bigger — not least because there are more self-employed people today. Take the UK for example; self-employment has soared by over 40% from 2000-2016. That means a growing share of your prospects will be on-the-go, fledgling businesses interested in ideas like mobile printing, accessible from any device.

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