Web to Print Boosts Volumes at Framingham University

Customer Background/Solution Overview.

Framingham State University in Framingham, MA runs an offset press room and print center with two full-time employees and two part-time student employees. They provide FSU’s 4,126 undergraduate students, 1,565 graduate students, 334 Faculty and 347 staff with their course materials, signage, marketing pieces, and personalized business cards and stationery.

In early 2018, the print shop’s main objective was to reduce the amount of money the university spends on outside printing and increase their ability to produce different types of jobs in-house. They realized they needed to automate and streamline their workflow to achieve their goals.

An existing manual process full of bottlenecks.

“We used to take in and handle jobs through email,” explains Dillon Handy, Graphic Arts Technician, Framingham State University “There was no way to track the status of jobs beyond digging through a file cabinet of printed email requests.” During their busiest times the print shop’s inboxes would fill quickly and be overflowing with requests.

“We also had 10 MB file limit on our email system,” adds Ralph Massa, Offset Printing Specialist, Framingham State University. “Larger jobs had to be accompanied by a flash drive.” The team knew an electronic workflow would enable them to increase their volumes enough to justify new hardware that had greater capabilities than their current equipment. The software and hardware together would keep more types of jobs and more volumes in-house. “With our old workflow, we couldn’t do enough work to justify the more advanced hardware,” says Handy

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