Addressing GDPR concerns of international customers (part 2)

Last week’s article “Addressing GDPR Part 1” started to explore how international customers are preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the growing opportunity for MPS providers to add value in their engagements.  In Part 2 we take a closer look and explore 5 key considerations to secure the on and off-ramp of information from core business systems and printers and multifunction devices.

  1. Enterprise-grade mobile print security – secure printing for office staff, remote workers and guest users with one solution to enable printing from all PC, laptops, mobile phones and tablet devices
  2. End-to-end data encryption – ensure encryption is the core of all communications, authentication, data held at devices and print jobs in motion
  3. Print data monitoring – include all office and mobile print, copy, fax and scan activity to achieve watertight security and industry compliance
  4. Custom auditing for high risk data areas – apply automated tools for monitoring, tracking and archiving sensitive information
  1. Federate document security across all office locations and printer brands makes – ensure consistent security measures across entire printing environment, including head office, branch or regional office locations

FollowMe by Ringdale is the complete solution that empowers organizations to secure paper workflow, prevent sensitive data loss and achieve industry compliance.   For the latest Print Security Assessment and to review the key differentiators of FollowMe’s Data Loss Prevention capabilities, Download the 2017 Print Security Assessment here.

Addressing GDPR concerns of international customers (part 1)