7 Marketing and Sales Best Practices for Web-to-Print

Best Practices for In-Plant Print Center User Adoption- for Customers and Print Center Staff

The third article in our Web to Print Best Practices series about how in-plants can successfully implement and use Web to print software covered “6 installation best practices.” In this fourth post, I’ll focus on a topic closely related to rolling out your Web to print system to your organization- marketing it to your customers. Marketing can start with your roll out, but it should continue even after you are in full production. For example, K-12 and higher Education in-plants Frisco ISD and Citrus College announced that the system was coming for months ahead of the install.

But, don’t start in the middle of our Web to Print Best Practices series; start from the beginning.

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7 Marketing and Sales Best Practices

  1. Name your system something that makes sense to your users(don’t just use the default name) – be creative, choose something meaningful, use your brand, have a context. For instance, here are some examples: iPrint, ePrint, “Print to Print Shop,” DocServices.

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