iDaaS (imaging Device as a Service) the future is here!

By Wes McArtor, BEI Services – Recently HP has posted some great videos on DaaS, print is not addressed specifically in these videos, but in our channel, print is still king.

Success in iDaaS (imaging Device as a Service), is about cost control in variables that don’t always have a parallel in IT.

BEI provides not only the solutions for managing cost, but a turn key iDaaS tool to transition you from the outdated meter billing model to imaging Device as a Service. Consider these points:

1. Page volume: Supplies are one of the biggest cost variables, and supply cost is linear to volume

2. Page volume: Effects labor cost, BEI is the undisputed source for this data

3. Page volume: Consumes parts, so understanding parts consumption as it relates to volume is paramount.

4. Technician effectiveness, knowing the exact rate of each techs ineffectiveness is critical to cost awareness, every dealer is different, you can’t do iDaaS without knowing YOUR service effectiveness.

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