Show Me The (Smart) Money!

By MILOS SOCHOR, Y Soft – Y Soft Ventures was established in 2014 with a clear and simple strategy: support local Central European startups that a) have a focus on the B2B market, b) have a service or product that integrates both software and hardware c) have a multi-vertical targeted product or service and d) have the potential of doing business on a global scale.

If that strategy sounds familiar, it is not a coincidence. That is exactly how Y Soft conducts its business. One could argue that such a narrow focus would make any venture capital program ineffective, but actually for us it is a pivotal part of Y Soft Venture’s strategy.

Let’s be clear though. Y Soft Ventures wasn’t founded to look for unicorns and quick exit opportunities. Honestly, at the beginning it was just fun to support young companies as it reminded us of our own startup roots. It also reminds us of lessons we learned the hard way that can now can be shared with young entrepreneurs easily and helps them grow.


That is why we started to collaborate with young companies who have similar DNA. We are able to primarily support their growth, not necessarily just their cash-flow. These companies can grow faster from our other assets: for example, from sharing our manufacturing capabilities, our established global business channels or just our know-how through consulting with our various teams.