BEI Services captures data for products manufactured by…

BEI Services is the only company in the world that turns real service call data into actionable and easy to understand performance analytics.

Our Advanced Comparative Reporting analytics ensure that manufacturers and dealers are armed with the necessary information to gain the competitive edge by revealing areas in both equipment and service performance where there is potential to earn additional profit.

How it works:
BEI Services processes nearly 1.2 Million service calls every month on millions of imaging devices and more than 30,000 technicians. Our Advanced Comparative Reporting database consists of over 1 Billion performance records on machines, parts and technicians worldwide.

This information is utilized to create performance benchmarks based on national averages to compare your dealership service and equipment performance against, so you can see exactly where you stand in relation to your peers.

BEI Services is the only company in the world capable of providing your company this real data driven comparative analysis.

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