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Sales Training

No matter how tenured you may be, this program is a great informative piece that teaches professional business practices which drive results.
Adam, Sales Executive

The format is perfect and the techniques invaluable. We don’t take these folks out of the field and we don’t incur the cost of travel and hotels. Keep up the good work!
Mike, Business Owner

I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your class and I learned quite a few new ways of selling. I sincerely appreciate it.
Michelle, Sales Executive

Thanks again. Your program is a “requirement”. It has always been needed and I am glad I found you when I did.
Charles, Business Owner

The value is in the results! I am selling like crazy!
Chris, Senior Sales Executive

Thank you for your knowledge throughout this course! I have taken a lot with me from your course and I feel that it is going to make me more successful and that is my goal.
Amby, SE

Thanks again for such a great program. I thoroughly enjoyed it and got a ton of motivation out of it.
Jennifer, Sales Executive

I really enjoyed a new perspective on different approaches.
Lori, Govt., Education Acct. Rep

Just wanted to say THANKS again for your instruction I came from a dealership where I did not receive any formalized training such as this. I look forward to putting these techniques into action
Mike, Sales Executive

I thought the training was very upbeat and informative. Even though I have been in the business for 15 + years, it was very refreshing to get back to the basics and remind myself of what I wasn’t doing. I would recommend this course to the newbie’s as well as and more importantly the “Seasoned” reps.
Tammy, Major Account Manager

This program has given my team the right tools for motivation, team building and increased productivity. Richard, Sales Manager

The SCTP provides a good foundation for new rep’s as well as great reminders for tenured reps. I would recommend this class for reps in all stages of their career.
Denise, GSM

Your program has really helped me to understand the sales cycle and what is necessary to have a successful outcome. I feel more confident in asking for the appointment, commitment, etc. Thanks Larry, this information has proven invaluable
Daniellle, Sales Executive

I just hit my highest sales number since I have been with the company using the techniques I learned from the Sales Career Training Program, using the 771 letters and the weekly activity point system.
Caitlin, Sales Executive

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