How You Can Support Employees Today for Ongoing Top Performance Tomorrow

From Paychex – Businesses may be better positioned to have long-term success if they develop and can retain top performing employees who are invested in the organization. It’s inevitable that major changes could happen – there might be turnover in management, or new processes could get rolled out as a way to boost company performance. While change can leave your workforce uncertain, some types of change may also lead them to question their future at the business. Some employees will move on, no matter what steps you take to prevent it. But how can you and your managers keep the lines of communication open with your employees?

Here are some areas that you can focus on now to prepare your team for the future and keep them motivated to stay at your business, even amid change.

1. Room for career advancement

Career goals can vary widely among your staff. While some employees aim to take on a leadership or managerial role, others may be satisfied with lateral moves that give them the opportunity to learn something new and contribute on an individual basis. Goal-setting at every level encourages career advancement and can help keep employees engaged. Consider having consistent conversations with your staff about what they see and want as part of their career path and how it ties to the company’s vision for growth and success.

2. Open discussions about goals

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