Umango Smashes Capture Solutions Barrier for SME Segment.

Introducing web browser capture and profiling from Umango Extract.

Capture solutions, that is being able to batch scan and read information off the paperwork or images has traditionally been expensive and complex to deploy. Umango has focussed offering solutions that are flexible yet cost effective and supporting a wide range of methods of image capture, from your traditional scanner connected to a Windows P.C or even using the touch screen of your multifunction device to validate the information you have scanned.

Barriers broken:  The traditional limitation with traditional document captures solutions has been the need to complete the profiling of your scanned documents at the touch screen of the copier or back at your P.C where the scanning application was installed.

Umango have introduced capturing and validating scanned images via your web browser with their recent release of Umango Extract 5.5. This gives practically anyone the ability to scan information and walk back to their own P.C, launch a web browser, select their batch of documents and complete relevant profiling of eta data and exporting into business systems. This flexible web browser feature ends the limitation of where you can profile your scanned documents and as an introduction excitingly Umango are offering this at no additional cost.

“The SME (Small Medium Enterprise) market has been screaming out for a cost-effective way to allow staff to validate their scanned batches of documents back at their desk without having to install special software, complicated setup or worry about licensing”, said Andrew Wade from Umango.” Setting up Umango to allow staff to validate their scanned documents back at their browser needs practically no configuration and give them a big edge in streamlining their document scanning and profiling needs”.

Upload images from a web browser: Adding to the flexibility of validating scanned documents in a web browse is the added ability to upload images and profile them. As companies start to embrace camera taken images from mobile devices these too need to be profiled and uploaded to business systems. Web browser support by Umango now not only allows for profiling of previously scanned documents but also offers images to uploaded and profiled in the same way. This is a huge progress forward in smart image capture and is offered for a modest price to the Umango Extract solution.

“Umango is dedicated to providing cost effective solutions to the SME segment with in conjunction with our solution partners”, said Andrew Wade. “The SME market segment desperately needs solutions to automate what is traditionally information capture challenges, Umango continues to grow our solution offering to meet the needs of the industry and small to medium sized business.”

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