Y Soft Labs: Robotics for Verification and Validation Testing

By JAKUB PAVLÁK, Y Soft – As you can imagine with the increasing applications of IoT, human interactions with devices will be on the rise. These devices need to be tested and traditional test scripts are no longer adequate. So, let’s look at one area that robotics can help advance the traditional quality assurance area.

Most of us think of robots as doing repetitive tasks – repeatedly taking an instruction and performing the action. This is a normal robotic task as robots are good at this sort of thing whereas humans need to take breaks and make mental mistakes through boredom. Therefore, robots are often used in quality assurance scenarios where verifying features can be tested.

In verification testing, a robot can simply test whether a feature works according to specification or not. It is binary. The feature either did what it was specified to do, or it didn’t. An example might be, if I press the power-on button, did the power come on, or not. If I press the power-on button twice, did the machine power-on and then power-off or did it do something else. And if I press the button for long time, etc.

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