How Can Your Print Solution Help Your Finance Team?

By ANTONIN MASOJIDEK – The economic landscape is continually shifting and as such your company’s finance teams have the challenge of balancing the need to protect cash flow and investing in innovation to remain competitive. To achieve this, it is vital for organizations to secure flexible contract and payments terms with their solution partners.

This article looks at how Y Soft SafeQ supports your finance team’s objectives.
Protecting cash flow
Subscription based software and services enable an organization to adopt new technology, without the usual upfront capital investment. Gartner’s “SWOT: Y Soft, Print Software, Worldwide” report, published in January 2017, states that, while common in several other major software markets, subscription pricing is new to the print management and document capture software markets.

Gartner goes on to predict that, by 2020, more than 80% of software vendors will change their business models from traditional license and maintenance models to a subscription-based model, regardless of whether the software resides on premises or in the Cloud.

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