Integrating into Hyland OnBase with uniFLOW

OnBase is an enterprise content management (ECM) so ware developed by Hyland to remove me consuming, manual paper-based tasks. It provides a suite of document, process and case management solutions that help organizations streamline processes and become more efficient. OnBase has various departmental workflows such as, accounting, finance, human resources and contract management. Besides departmental solutions, OnBase is also applicable to sectors such as healthcare, financial services and education. uniFLOW allows users to scan with ease into OnBase, supporting OnBase Document Types, Document Type Groups, Scan Queues and Keywords.

Scan to OnBase via Document Type

uniFLOW allows users to scan, process and distribute documents securely within an organization, improving productivity and ensuring compliance.

Users view a series of personalized scan workflows including Scan to OnBase, which can be further enhanced with additional uniFLOW features. After authentication, users are required to select the appropriate document type group or document type, which are provided by an online search in OnBase. In relation on to the selected document type, the user then inputs at least one keyword (meta data).

When the document has been successfully uploaded, confirmation is displayed to the user at the MFD screen.

Scan to OnBase via Scan Queue

uniFLOW also allows users to send processed les directly to a selectable scan queue. Having scanned a document and selected a scan queue, users have the op on to select a document type of that scan queue and enter keywords relating to the document type. Again, if successful, confirmation is displayed to the user directly at the MFD.


To ensure that the uniFLOW integration into OnBase works correctly, the following requirements must be met:

Technical Requirements

Version Information OnBase version or higher 
uniFLOW V5.4 
Licensing* (one of the following)  uniFLOW Edition + Scan per Device License for MEAP + 
Additional Scan Workflow License 
uniFLOW for SMB + Scan per Device Addition for MEAP + 
Additional Scan Workflow License 
uniFLOW Capture + Additional Scan Workflow License 

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