How Samsung has helped bring about a mutually beneficial ecosystem that allows both print users and software developers to prosper

Samsung’s Printing App Center Benefits Developers, Dealers and Customers

Samsung’s Android-powered Smart UX Center has created an exciting ecosystem in the printing world, bringing benefits to both software developers and customers.

By making use of the Android platform, the most widely-used OS for internet usage in the world, Samsung is ensuring that printer apps and widgets will be inherently user-friendly and accessible via an easy-to-understand marketplace, making it easier for customers to find the right paid and free apps for their needs on the Smart UX’s Printing Apps Center.

Jooho Um, Principal Engineer at Samsung Printing Solutions, notes, “The Smart UX Center allows for a familiar user experience whereby people download, delete and update apps as they would on a smartphone. The joy of this system for end-users is that if they know their way around a smartphone, they pretty much already know their way around the Smart UX Center too.”

Meanwhile, for developers, the Smart UX Center allows them to take their products and ideas to a whole new realm – the world of office technology.

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