Is Integrity a Dying Virtue? 7 Ways to Keep Integrity Alive in Your Office Equipment Dealership, by Jennie Fisher

By Jennie Fisher, GreatAmerica – Last Monday evening I was winding down as usual with my iPad, making a quick scan of Facebook. All of a sudden a blog pops up “Is Integrity a Dying Virtue?.”  This immediately caught my attention for two reasons. First, integrity has always been a personal virtue and one that guides every decision I make. Second, I had an encounter earlier this week with someone where I felt they were not being entirely truthful. It was over something minor, and I knew they did not mean anything by it. He was simply “enhancing” the truth to make a point more impactful. It stuck with me.

Is integrity a dying virtue? That is a scary thought. Integrity is important to me and is a business virtue for GreatAmerica. I decided to look into this a little deeper.

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