BEI Services, Inc. Releases Acuity Leadership Vision

May 3, 2017 –   BEI Services, Inc. continues to expand its world class service operations performance solutions with the release of Acuity.  The new Acuity Leadership Vision Solution provides the first ever comprehensive, structured service operations management software solution for the copy/print dealer community.  Acuity provides a data driven framework to effectively collaborate, communicate and manage all aspects of service operations and achieve superior service performance and customer care.

The on-demand data and structure provided by Acuity allows for “at a click” comprehensive performance reporting, employee development metrics and device level detail, that can be utilized at all levels of the organization.  From CEO, to VP to Operations Management to Service Management to Supervisors to Service Team and Technicians, Acuity allows you to quickly dive deeper into your organization to explore key business data and proactively collaborate with your service, sales and administrative teams on performance objectives and strategic business opportunities.

Acuity builds performance transparency which leads to a stronger connection and trust between employees and management.  Professional performance expectations and achievement can be clearly measured, understood and confirmed by drilling into any manager’s or technician’s dashboard to review details.  All charted company performance stats and trends can be exported at any time into easy to read PDF documents.  Also, performance information and any notes entered are saved for long term HR personnel management.

“We are very excited to bring this product to market and truly believe it will be a game changer,” said Bud Karakey, VP of Operations for BEI Services, Inc.  “Acuity connects the dealership in a new and productive way, providing structure that creates an open environment of clear communication from the top down, maximizing the value of your business.”

The comprehensive service operations blueprint provided by the new Acuity Leadership Vision is supported by the proven BEI Solutions for World Stat Benchmarks, Demand Time Territory Management, Predictive Inventory Stocking and Technician Achievement Compensation Plans.

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About BEI Services

For more than 20 years BEI Services has been the trusted provider of unbiased imaging device and technician performance benchmarking.  BEI offers a complete array of software tools designed to address every aspect of Service Department performance and profitability.  Exclusive solutions including Advanced Comparative Reporting, Effective Workload Distribution Territory Management, Technician Compensation, Technician Assessment and Coaching and Advanced Inventory Management (AIM) are utilized by the most respected and awarded dealers and manufactures in the imaging industry today.  A no-cost performance evaluation is available.  For more information, visit or call 307.587.8446.

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