Xerox President On How The 113-Year-Old Company Is Staying Relevant

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By Gabriel Perna – There is a big difference between understanding a technology’s functions and understanding a technology’s business purpose.

President and Chief Operations Officer, Xerox

No one appreciates that more than Xerox President and Chief Operations Officer Steve Bandrowczak, who has taken on number of high-level IT and general management positions throughout his career.

As he puts it, technology leaders can walk into a CEO’s office and talk about how robotics will revolutionize a company’s back-office functions, but Bandrowczak says the CEO won’t care unless they understand how it can save money. “You have to have the translation between technology and P&L. For CIOs looking to take a step up to the general management and CEO level, you need to be fluent in technology and how you transition that to business value,” he says.

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