The LD GOLD Line Cartridges were a Darker, Cleaner Black Than The OEM!

We’ve been providing toner to a local University for over 5 years and we had to stop using a brand of “remans” because of two main problems, low yields and lines on paper as toner reached 25%.

We switched them over to LD GOLD Line toners in April of 2018 and the results have been Fantastic. Not only do they meet yield, but one University employee who was gun shy decided to switch to your GOLD Line from OEM after they saw a print job from a printer using your LD Gold Line cartridges vs a printout using OEM cartridges. The results were fantastic – the color was rich and crisp, but the best part was the LD GOLD Line cartridges were a darker, cleaner black than the OEM!

Now that entire department has switched to the LD GOLD Line cartridges and they’re saving a ton of money over OEM. Thank you for making us look professional to our customers – you saved this account for us!!! –Bill Wingle, LFW Office Solutions.

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