ecoprintQ Mini Kiosk PRS 600 – PaperCut Meets Hard Cash!

The Mini Kiosk B-600 adds independent support capabilities to the Bill Box. As a complete turn-key system, it becomes a self-reliable station available for any type of institution implementing a Cost Recovery Solution. Combined with the PaperCut MF Print Release Module users may access their pending print jobs.

“Cash-to-Account” functionalities in addition to the PaperCut MF Software compliment these self-standing units providing students a self-service environment eliminating additional onsite staffer supervision. The Mini Kiosk B-600 recharges personal PaperCut MF accounts and accepts such monies combinations as Coins (1c, 5c, 10c, 25c, $1) and Bills ($1, $5, $10, and $20).

Additionally, the collected revenue remains securely locked in a separate and independent compartment. The dynamic combination of software-hardware commodity makes the Mini Kiosk B-600 an easily accessible, cost-effective, and highly secure method accepting various cash payments.

Additionally, the PaperCut MF Application modules may be used as a combination of both the Add Value Station (AVS) plus the Print Release Station (PRS), two valuable systems that permit users to recharge personal accounts while navigating pending print jobs in queue.

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