Convenient and secure printing, copying and scanning to students

uniFLOWuniFLOW has been designed to meet the special requirements of educational establishments. Whether a small primary school or a university with thousands of students, uniFLOW can help provide convenient and secure printing, copying and scanning to students and staff while appropriately managing and charging for usage.

uniFLOW’s flexible workflow system allows easy configuration of the most appropriate system to meet different requirements in each environment.

Easy Integration with Payment Systems
uniFLOW integrates with various payment and authentication systems used by students to pay for their prints and copies. It is also possible to set quotas for the staff or charge costs to faculties, specific projects or departments.

Students can top up their printing accounts in a number of ways. Staff members of departments that already handle cash (e.g. a library) can be authorized to add credit to student accounts.

Alternatively, students can add money at any time day or night to their accounts via a money loader terminal or web-based credit card payment system integrating with popular payment systems such as PayPal.

Convenient Mobile Printing
With the increasing adoption of a variety of mobile and cloud based computing platforms by students and staff, uniFLOW has been enabled too.

This means that students are able to submit and release their print jobs from their mobile devices to any printer connected to uniFLOW whilst maintaining security. In addition, the native print function on Apple iOS devices can be used to print directly via uniFLOW.

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