Check out the metal cut-out made on a Muratec machine

Most of you reading this know Muratec from the office products you either sell or have competed against.

Printers and MFPs are only a small part of Muratec, who in other circles, is better known for their industrial machine manufacturing equipment. Both are part of Muratec Machinery, Ltd., a privately held Japanese corporation that started in 1935.

Nearly every one of you reading this is wearing or at least owns a garment that was in some part, manufactured on a Muratec machine.

They make all kinds of machines, like the one that cut out the Harley Davidson piece seen at the top of this article. That was made out of giant sheets of metal that were automatically fed into the machine, which then cut them up.

A great number of you are driving cars with parts manufactured on Muratec machines. During our visit, there were a couple being wrapped for shipment to a major Japanese car manufacturer. Your Harley Davidson? Yep, there’s a very good chance it has parts on it made on a Muratec. Even the fire hydrants you drive by all day long often use a bolt manufactured on a Muratec machine (see below)

About Muratec America, Inc.

Muratec America is a manufacturer of workgroup A4 (letter/legal) multifunction printing solutions and is a provider of managed document services components. They also offer A3 products, cloud solutions, security, label presses and more.

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